Color therapy


Color therapy use has been proven to exist in a range of ancient cultures, right up to the present day. In ancient Egypt “healing rooms” were constructed with the feature of light being separated into colors within it. In ancient India, where much of crystal and gemstone healing knowledge originates, the color of the stone used was essential, and was thought to correspond to the “seven cosmic rays”.  Ancient Greek medicine, the forefather of much of what is now considered “traditional” medicine, emphasized treating people with sunlight, which was known as “heliotherapy”.  In other cultures in parts of the world, such as Celtic Britain and Native America pre-colonisation, traditional dress and medicine show the the influences of color. Native Americans used color in dress, decoration,head-dresses and oinments, for example. Celts were very fond of the color of gold and other metals, as well as using extensive body art.

According to Max Lüscher, a psychology professor from Basle University, noted the preference people have for colors can be good indicator of their emotional state.

RED color – stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and thus excites or stimulates the person emotionally and physically

BLUE color – stimulates the parasympathetic system, slowing down these functions

Color can be used for healing and balancing, as well as for stimulating deeper levels of consciousness. Each color has its own unique effects, from stimulating to depressing, constructive to destructive.

Different Healing Methods with Colors

Here are mentioned few of all healing methods with colors:

  • Crystal Healing
  • Color Therapy with Reiki
  • Energy Healing with color energy
  • Color Visualisation
  • Color Meditation
  • Color Breathing
  • Art Creation of using colors for expression


Colors are broken down into three categories. First is primary colors red, yellow and blue. Secondary colors are formed from combinations of the primary colors. Tertiary colors are formed by combinations of the primary and secondary colors.

Primary colors: red, yellow, blue

Secondary colors: orange, green, violet

Tertiary colors: yellow/orange, yellow/green, blue/green, blue/violet, red/violet, red/orange

Holistic meaning for colors in chakra therapy

Balancing colors: ORANGE, GOLD, GREEN

Boosting colors: TURQUOISE, VIOLET

Calming color: BLUE

Detoxing colors: LIME GREEN

Purifying color: WHITE

Releasing color: MAGENTA

Stimulating colors: RED, YELLOW, INDIGO


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