Thank you for showing your interest into my services.  My mission here is to help others with coaching, counseling and healing. My own story is an good example how you can make a huge transformation in your life like in health and in personal development when finding your inner strength, wisdom, trusting to inner guidance and finding your own Light.

Are you looking for support with health, personal or spiritual issues?

I offer One-one-One Coaching or Holistic Healing & Counselling: 1x90min/110€, 4x90min/305€. Email Coaching 4x/45€.

These items are available on my online shop:

  • Available for 4x90min: Soul´s Journey Coaching focus on soul searching, soul´s purpose, expanding consciousness. Process takes 2 months, includes tasks and exercises, and self-study material. This requires Gmail address.
  • Available for 1x90min: Holistic Healing & Counselling especially for nutritional/health, personal and/or spiritual issues.
  • Available for 4x: Email Coaching for personal/spiritual issues or nutritional coaching.


Here you find my services with prices.  Prices are including VAT. After purchasing, you get confirmation message with link to online booking calender (change language with globe button).  I will send you link to pre-questionnaire form to fill before the first session. Sessions are mostly during Mon-Fri 5 pm – 7 pm, also Sat-Sun 11 am – 3 pm EEST time. If there is a challenge with time zone then Email Coaching would be the best solution for you.

Values at my work are confidence, authenticity, professionality, integrity and ethicality. I follow ethical and moral rules, as well as NOS UK standards at my work.

If you have any questions or doubts before ordering send a message with contact form below for additional information. I give also 15 minutes free consultation for Soul´s Journey Coaching before placing the order to see if I am a right person to help you.

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“Heal yourself & become who you are.” ♡

-Sari Helen