Ozonated Olive Oil – Miracle Product?

ozonated olive oil

What is Ozonated Olive Oil?

Ozonated olive oil is made with high quality, organic, extra-virgin, cold pressed olive oil that is put through a process of “ozone injection”, which is bubbling ozone into the liquid for an extended period of time. Many companies use a cheap corona discharge ozone generator that can lead to contamination. For purity and quality a cold plasma ozone generator should always be used.  The difference between the liquid oil and solid paste is the amount of saturated oxygen and ozone. Creating the paste version the process is much more extensive and the amount of oxygen and ozone saturation level is exponentially greater than any liquid oil product available.

What are the health benefits of Ozonated Olive Oil?

Ozonated olive oil is most commonly used for the skin. It can be applied directly to the skin in exactly the same way that you would use a skin cream or salve. It has properties that can help stimulate regeneration of skin cells while also being able to sterilize and clean wounds. Ozonated olive oil can also reduce inflammation, ease irritation and speed up healing.

Here are listed few health benefits of ozonated olive oil:

  1. Acne, ezcema, rosacea
  2. Wrinkles, age spots
  3. Herpes
  4. Athletes foot
  5. Cuts, burns & wounds
  6. Bug bites and stings
  7. Sunburns, itchy skin
  8. Toe/nail fungus
  9. Skin yeast
  10. As a deodorant

I have tried to search solution for my skin problem a long time. I have nasty rashes on my face (cheek) which are consequences from the heavy drugs I was on. My skin was good before “all this “. I have tried essential oils, aloe vera etc.  with no success. I wanted to find holistic treatment without any chemicals since they are the main cause for this problem. I did research and found an Ozonized Olive Oil with great results. I bought a week ago Ozonated Olive Oil jar (salve) and have used it on evenings on my rashes. Situation is already better, looking forward to get off the rashes completely. It begins to  turn liquid when putting on the face. This jar (59ml) would last forever, but shelf life in room temperature is 6 months and in the fridge is 24 months. Smells mildly bit strange but I can take it if and when it helps. I am so grateful that found this miracle product!

ozonated olive oil

Ozonated Olive Oil – Miracle Product

There are no side effects of using ozonated olive oil. Be sure that you buy organic, 100% pure product and in glass jar. There are available also different ozonated oils like jojoba oil, hemp oil & coconut oil.

Do you have any experience about ozonated olive oil?

Health, Love & Peace ♡


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Source: globalhealingcenter.com, healthyfocus.org

Cover image: Pur03.com

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