Midsummer Greetings

It is midsummer weekend, and city is empty and closed. It´s pity for the tourists, who wants to find some nice restaurant to have a dinner, and all are closed. Everyone has escaped to countryside to celebrate midsummer – the nightless night, when the night is as bright as the day.

Nature is so beautiful at the moment, all flowers are blooming, and all is so green. I made a long walk today in the coast area where is a beautiful park to increase my “prana”.

Yesterday I baked seed-chia crackers for snack. When studying craving something to snack. I am focusing on my studies during this weekend. Healthy snack option beside the fruits and nuts, no added sugar. I added salt and chili spice to give more taste for these. Seeds are very healthy, good source of magensium, manganese, phosporus, copper, zinc and protein. Chia seeds have more health benefits – the most nutritious food.

Mixed seeds incl. chia seeds about 350g with a small amount psyllium, boiled water and oil. Baked about 55 min in 150 ° C  in convection oven.

seeds-chia crackers

Seed crackers with chia-seeds








Health, Love & Peace ♡


You find me on Instagram @peacefulhealthwarrior, focused more on food.

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