What are the real causes of Chronic Insomnia?


Poor sleep over and over again can make you feel like you’re going to mentally and physically breakdown. If you look to conventional medicine with questions about your insomnia or other sleep issues, you may be told a number of possible reasons for why you can’t sleep. And some of them may carry some truth. Your doctor may say the cause of your sleep problems are grief, anger, anxiety, depression, worry, restless legs, or chronic pain or you may be told you have sleep apnea. All of these things can be a part of the challenges you are having. But there’s much more to understand. For example, what is truly the reason behind your restless legs, depression, anxiety, and aches and pains. (AW)

What are the real causes of Chronic Insomnia?

  1. Some of HHV virus like EBV, VZV, CMV or some bacteria.
  2. Liver function. If liver is sluggish, overheated, stagnant of toxins or diet too high in fat or unprocessed food.
  3. Toxic heavy metals in brain.
  4. Adrenal issues.

Everyone experiences sleep problems in vastly different ways. (AW)

  1. You cannot fall asleep at first, then eventually you fall asleep after several hours. When you wake up in the morning, you do not feel well rested because you could not fall asleep right away.
  2. You fall asleep right away, but you wake up in the very early morning unable to fall back asleep before it is time to get up. You get a racing mind as the sun starts to rise and anxiety because you are unable to fall asleep.
  3. You initially fall asleep easily, but then you wake up in the middle of the night unable to fall back to sleep until the early morning when you fall asleep again.
  4. You are in and out of a miserable sleep all night long because you never fall into a solid restful state. You keep getting the frequent urge to urinate, which gets you out of bed over and over.
  5. You cannot sleep the entire night, and when morning comes, you feel completely exhausted and crash at various times throughout the day. You may or may not attempt a quick nap here and there. Then when it is time for bed, the whole thing starts over again.
  6. All throughout the day you are exhausted and you struggle with all your tasks, and all you can think about is the next chance you get to lie down and close your eyes. All you want to do is go to bed. When nighttime hits, you are suddenly awake and it is difficult to wind down enough to get to sleep on time.
  7. You are able to fall asleep and stay asleep for a full night, only you wake up feeling like you need another eight hours. Maybe your loved ones report that you snore or you have very shallow breathing throughout the night; they say you woke yourself up snoring, which makes you come to understand that your sleep is broken all night.
  8. Just as you sink into deep sleep, a jerk happens. Either your arm, neck, head, or leg jerks and it wakes you up again. Sometimes you can bypass it and you can fall asleep. Or you wake up in the middle of the night to urinate and then you go back to bed and can’t fall asleep because the jerking occurs once again.
  9. You are tired and ready to go to sleep, except there is a weird buzzing sound or another symptom keeping you awake. This can be either tinnitus, restless leg syndrome, itchy skin problems, or aches and pains.

What you can do if suffering from Chronic Insomnia?

  1.  Do heavy metal detox.  Clean your body from toxic heavy metals. E.g. spirulina and juicing detox are good for this. If you have no time for longer detox you can always do 24 hr detox with following juices: 1. orange-carrot-ginger-turmeric and 2. kale-celery-cucumber-spinach-cilantro-ginger juices. Take L-Lysine supplement to decrease viral load in your body.
  2. Clean the liver. Supplements like Milk Thistle, Dandelion root and Turmeric. Potassium rich food like beet greens, spinach, beans and bananas.
  3. Change your diet to whole food plantbased. Processed and unhealthy food (SUGAR, GRAIN, DAIRY) feeds the virus and weaken the liver function.
  4. Remove negativity and anxiety. Meditation and being in nature are good for this. Energy healing is a good choice always, especially if the cause is overactive pineal gland and you are not able to balance it by yourself.

It takes time for body to cleanse all toxins off your body, heal and rebuild.

Chronic insomnia is a thing you don´t want to experience.  I suffer also time to time from insomnia and get rid off it when add more green juicing and needed supplements.  In some cases cause might be overactive pineal gland.

Have you ever suffered from chronic insomnia?

Health, Love & Peace ♡


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