Simple Tips for Christmas time

Many people struggle during Christmas, they are distressed and anxious. Lots of expectations for others. Everything need to be done. Everything need to be perfect.  Maybe family issues, Christmas brings always underlying issues to surface and when involved with alcohol, family drama is ready.

People are always exhausted after holiday season. Here are few tips how you can make better Christmas for yourself.

Simple Tips for Christmas:

  1. Deep breath once you get distressed, anxious, frustrated or angry with some one. Place your right palm on your diaphragm, and left palm on your middle chest and deep breath at least three times prefer more if needed.
  2. Meditate every day just before bed or when it is needed or possible. This keeps you balanced, centered in high vibrations and out of drama.
  3. Spend some time outdoor not just sitting in front of TV.
  4. Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.
  5. Eat mindfully, there is food enough. Drink peppermint, chamomille, lemon balm or licorice root tea to digest the food better if you have had heavy meal. Kombucha is also good for digestion.
  6. Skip few alcohol dosage.
  7. Help others even they don´t ask for help.
  8. Book one day just for yourself without family or few hours.
  9. Try not to stress. Essential oils like lavender, jasmine and bergamot are good to relieve stress and anxiety also.
  10. Do yoga to release emotions and feelings gathered during the day. Child´s pose and Corpse Pose are best for this.
  11. If you spend time around some one with low energies carry with you black tourmaline, obsidian or onyx.
  12. Sleep enough.

I hope these tips are helpful!



Wish you Health, Peace, Love & Light ♡

-Sari Helen




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