8 Steps for Self-Healing

green juice

The body can heal itself. Body is a self-healing organism. Understanding this is the first step for self-healing. Self-healing requires  willpower, inner strength and inner guidance (intuition).
Everyone can influence on their own health with the choices they make every day. Life is choices. You choose what to eat, you choose what to read, you choose what kind of music to listen, you choose with whom to be friends, you choose what to think, you choose what kind of life you live. None of the disease doesn´t appear overnight, it takes a long time to develop e.g. aggressive cancer in your body, might  take probably about 15-30 years. (Dr Antonio Jiminez) There are also other causes for autoimmune diseases like all the chemicals (mercury, aluminium, lead, BPA, phthalates, aflatotoxins, flame retardants, PFCs, organophosphate pesticides) we are surrounded by.

You are what you think. – Buddha

Here are 8 steps for self-healing:

  1. Food and nutrition. Change your diet at once you get the diagnosis e.g. autoimmune disease or cancer. Find out the best diet or meet holistic nutritionist, naturopath or holistic medicine doctor. Detoxifying your body is very important, to remove all toxins from your body, and then proper nutrition. I found out everything by myself and it took time because couldn´t find enough skilled nutritionist who understands more than just a  sport nutrition. I self-educated myself since I got diagnosis.  There is a lot of information available if you just know where to search.
  2. The mind. Mind is a powerful thing, it´s a good servant but a bad master. Be aware of your thoughts and stay positive. In my past blog post was about how to raise your frequency.
  3. Emotions and beliefs. Clarify your emotions and beliefs, there might be something from your past you carry with like some sort of emotional trauma (you probably don´t even remember this yourself), which might be the root cause of your disease. Understanding this requires a lot of self-studying and reading. For removing old beliefs you need a good professional energy healing practitioner.
  4. Detoxify your life. Remove all unnecessary and toxic stuff out of your life like old and unnecessary things, negative and mean people, all chemicals (cosmetics, detergents, air fresheners, scented candles etc..). Declutter you home.
  5. Self-educate. Believe you can heal yourself. Find out the root cause of your disease. Getting diagnosis don´t tell a root cause. Study and do research, read books, articles, blogs, follow  the world´s best opinion leaders and leading authors (there are only few of them!).
  6. Meditate daily basis. There are available lots of good guided meditations for free, if you need.  Basic steps for meditation. 
  7. Love. Surround yourself by positive and loving people.
  8. Sleep. Important factor for your healing, minimum 7,5 hrs a sleep a night or as long as possible.

If you don´t know my story you can read it here.

The books and documentaries I suggest for self-healing you can find here.

Love & health!


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