Juicing – Health Benefits


In my previous blog post I wrote about chemical detox. When you have done chemical detox you will need the body detox to cleanse all toxins off the body. Your body gets toxins from medicines,vaccines, food, drinks, chemicals around you etc. Optimal detox time is 21 days but even 7 days is better than nothing. During juicing detox you just drink juices. If interested more check Jason Vale Super Juice Me, Alejandro Junger, MD – CLEAN program or Reboot with Joe, the latter more for weight loss and changing lifestyle.

I do detox everyday by drinking 1 l green alkalizing juice (varying between orange/carrot and beet/ginger) and taking green ventilated clay drink. Green clay, 1 tsp with 0,8 dl distilled water (let it settle min 30 min before to drink) to empty stomach in the morning or in the evening. It helps to remove toxins off the body. It is important to drink enough good distilled water.

juicing - health benefits

Juicing; Green Alkalizing Juice

I feel myself with lots of energy when drinking green juices, get lots of nutrients, my skin is better, and looking 10 yrs younger.

Juicing – Health Benefits;

  1. Allows more nutrients to be absorbed because the gut doesn’t need to digest all that fiber
  2. Allows to consume a larger amount of veggies
  3. Feeds good bacteria to the gut
  4. Helps fight the cancer
  5. Helps lower the high cholesterol
  6. Helps detoxify the  bodies
  7. Helps lower the blood sugar levels
  8. Helps get better skin
  9. Helps with weight loss

Are you juicing frequently? What is your favorite juice?

Check my books & documentaries what I suggest for self-healing.

Health, Love & Peace ♡


You find me on Instagram @peacefulhealthwarrior, focused more on food.

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