How to Do Chemical Detox?

chemical detox

Our life is loaded with chemicals, they are surrounded by us every day. Most people don´t even see this until you are forced to see it, and some people don´t want to see it.  Avoiding chemical load you prevent many dis-eases.

I had to do chemical detox in my life a year ago due to my health situation. I wanted to remove all chemicals out of my life since they are triggers for many dis-eases (cancer, autoimmune dis-eases etc.). First I changed all detergents to eco and human friendly products. Then I removed all scented candles and fragrance sticks etc. away. I used a lot scented candles, and they are loaded with chemicals. Then was cosmetics, I changed all cosmetic products to organic as well as hygiene products. I was heavy user before all this. Now the last I have removed all plastic and aluminum kitchen utensils away.

The most dangerous chemicals for health are mercury, aluminium, lead, BPA (in plastic), phthalates, aflatotoxins, flame retardants (in textile, furniture), PFCs, organophosphate pesticides.

I try to avoid following chemicals in my cosmetic and body care products:

  • quarternium-15 or other formaldehyde releasing preservatives
  • fragrance/perfum
  • alcohol
  • lead
  • parabens
  • talc
  • toluene
  • triclosan
  • (PEG) Polyethylene glycol
  • (PPD) Paraphenylenediamine
  • oxybenzone
  • butylated compounds (BHT, BHA)
  • titanium dioxide
  • carrageenan
  • fluoride
  • limonene
  • linalool

It might be hard to start chemical detox but I assure that you are content with results. Your life is chemical free and you know you have done it for your health.

Chemicals are Triggers for many Diseases - How to Do Chemical Detox?

Chemical Detox in Cosmetic and Body Care Products

How to do chemical detox? Here are my tips:

  1. Detergents – I use hand walnuts for laundry, kitchen cleaner is self-made with essential oils, dishwasher cleaner is super organic without any extra chemicals and eco-friendly. Especially spray detergents with chemicals are dangerous for your respiratory.
  2. Cosmetics – I use only organic cosmetics. Mainly ozonated olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, rose water and ayuervedic body oil, and all make-up/nail products are organic. I use aromatherapy scents as a fragrance. Most perfumes are including alcohol, limonene and linalool. Alcohol is absorbed through the skin.
  3. Hygiene Products – I use horse chestnut toothpaste, and sometimes I make my own from coconut oil with bicarbonate soda or turmeric, using humble brush (wooden). Most toothpastes are inlcuding SLS, titanium dioxide, limone, sodium carrageenan, fluoride and parabens. My deodorant is alcohol and aluminium free cream. Shampoos are ayuervedic (amla, hibiscus, neem), and shower wash organic with essential oils. I don´t use any other hair products.
  4. Kitchen Utensils – I use only glass containers and jars, no plastic. I throw away all aluminium frying pans, now I use cast iron and stainless steel. I don´t use any aluminium folio or fresh plastic with my food. Microwave oven I still have, but use it very rarely. Next step is to find wooden kitchen utensils for food.
  5. Other Products – I use only candles made from beeswax (bees are not killed for this, this is a side product), these are quite costly but without any chemicals, and addition I use a lot of incenses with essential oils. Air freshener I use, I have made of essential oils.
  6. Food – I buy as much as possible organic food. Only food I buy as packed are chick-peas, nothing else. If I buy e.g. organic tomato sauce I buy it in glass jar not in can due to aluminium. Melons I buy always as whole not sliced and packed with plastic. Grapes I wash properly before to eat them due to pesticides. I avoid all food and supplements from Asia due to toxic soil.

I think I still have to continue chemical detox in my life but now I have done major detox. I buy most of my food, detergents, cosmetics etc. at eco store. I still need to find biological dentist in my city, there are only few.  Tooth fillings and canal root treatments are loaded with chemicals which do not belong in the body. I live holistic living nowadays, and so grateful for that.

If you start chemical detox in your life it might be good to go forward step by step. After this you need body detox  min 2 weeks to get all toxins off your body, prefer longer period, ideal is 21 days. I recommend reading the book Alejandro Junger MD; Clean, it helps to understand detoxifying better. I will write more about detoxifying here later on my blog.

Life is choices. You choose. Your choices will shape your life & health. – Your health is your wealth.

Health, Love & Peace ♡


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