Supplements or Toxic Drugs?


Nutritional supplements are not the core of the holistic medicine but the natural herbs and herbal products are, like Echinacea, Olive Leaf Extract etc. I will write more about herbs and herbal products later. The soil is not the same than 50 years ago, it is poor and toxic.  If you want to get enough vitamin C from food you should eat at least 20 kg oranges or 10 l of sea buckthorn. E.g. soil in China is very toxic therefore I do not eat any food or supplement from China.

I suggest all, who are interested in their own health, read these books to find out  why people need supplements even modern medicine is against them:

Below I have listed supplements, I use daily, some of them.   My situation is a bit different than the normal person´s.  I used few years a lot of toxic drugs which caused several side effects. Toxins are not the part of body! Supplements, herbs, herbal products and organic health plantbased food helped to increase my health situation significantly and also trying to prevent any others with these. I am so grateful, I am feeling better than ever in my life. Thank you for all the knowledge and wisdom I have! All supplements I use are vegan, organic, grain free and without corn, corn starch, potato starch, sugar and artificial sweeteners.

My TOP Supplements I use every day

CNS – Central Nervous System

  1. Vitamin D3: Most people need extra vitamin D. It´s better to measure your vitamin D level then you know your number.  Helps stabilize the immune system and its responses. Bolsters the pancreas and adrenal glands, and reduces inflammation. Strengthens the endocrine system, including the thyroid and the adrenal glands. Also kills viruses and reduces inflammation. Helps stabilize the reproductive and immune system. Intake in the mornings.
  2. Vitamin C (Ester-C):  Strenghtens your immune system. Decreasing blood sugar in diabetics.  Fighting viral illnesses. The more sick you are the more you need vitamin C. I take as a supplement and also amla powder. Intake with meals/breakfast not at the same time with vitamin B12!
  3. Vitamin B12  (methylcobalamin and/or adenosylcobalamin form): I am following plant-based diet so this is mandatory for me.  Strengthens the CNS. Repairs and strengthens the areas of the nervous system that have been damaged by the shingles virus. Bolsters the brain and central nervous system (CNS). Restores nervous system, so eliminates the symptoms resulting from virus infection. Essential to recover from injuries when viral inflammation is present. The body uses this B12 to counteract the methylation issues that we have. Good for gut issues involving pathogens. It is needed at the right levels in the CNS and some organs.  It is crucial in the methylation processes. Deficiency of it in liver shows in very dry skin. . Helps restore the pancreas. Critical for gut issues, including low hydrochloric acid. The nervous system starves for this vitamin when one has had nerve associated pain for many years. Critical for nerve damage associated with the pudendal nerve.  Intake before bed with Magnesium.
  4. Magnesium (glycinate, citrate) with vitamin B6:  Reduces the tension in and around the trigeminal nerves. Helps stabilize thyroid hormone T3. Soothes digestive issues caused by an underperforming pancreas. Also calms stressed adrenal glands. Lowers anxiety and calms an overactive nervous system, reducing adrenal gland stress. Reduces inflammation and calm nerves, which helps stop them from swelling or going into spasm.  Intake before bed.
  5. Zinc (picolinate form):  Strengthens the immune system and protects the thyroid from virus inflammation. Kills virus cells, strengthens and stabilizes the thyroid, and helps protect the endocrine system. Supports the pancreas and adrenal glands and helps stabilize glucose levels in blood. Lowers inflammatory reactions to the neurotoxin produced by the shingles virus and in the herpes family.Intake with food.
  6. 5-MTFH (5-methyltetrahydrofolate): Helps strengthen the endocrine system and the CNS. Strengthening of the CNS reduces strain in the adrenal glands. Supports the CNS, and helps restore the nerves for people with fibromyalgia. Lowers homocysteine levels with vitamins B12 and B6 together. Intake with meals.
  7. Vitamin E:  Supports the CNS. Promotes blood circulation and strengthens the CNS. Improves resistance to infection. Boosts antibody response and activates lymphocytes, phagocytes and macrophages. Works with vitamin C as a powerful antioxidant Intake with food.
  8. Vitamin A: Supports immune system. Lower the infection in the body. Intake with food.
  9. Oregano oil:  Supports immune system. Digestive aid. Keeps all bugs away, lower virus load, prevent respiratory infections. Intake with meals.
  10. L-Glutamine:  Amino acid that removes toxins such as MSG from the brain and protects neurons. Helps support brain function and neural health. Helps nerves in the brain and removes MSG pockets and bad calcium deposits—coming from dairy and getting in the wrong places: gallbladder, kidney stones, brain. Intake before meal.
  11. Probiotics:  Strenghtens immune system, balance and support the digestive system, which in turn boost the immune system.
  12. Vitamin K2: Decreases inflammation. Helps autoimmune conditions/diseases. Boosts mitochondrial function. Lowers insulin resistance. Intake with food but not at the same time with vitamin E!
  13. Q10 (bioactive form): Reduces inflammation and boosts the nerves’ ability to send messages. Good for heart conditions. Nature´s “energy spark plug”.
  14. Curcumin (with BCM95 extract): Helps strengthen the endocrine system and CNS. Component of turmeric that reduces inflammation of the CNS and relieves pain. Intake with food.
  15. Omega-3 EPA&DHA:  Fortifies the endocrine system and nervous system. Help heal insulin resistance. Repairs and strengthens the areas of the nervous system that have been damaged by the shingles virus. Helps repair and grow neurons. Repair and strengthen the CNS. Nourish deep tissue in the reproductive organs. Help recover from injuries.
  16. Melatonin: Reduces inflammation in the brain. Also helps repair and grow fresh neurons, and is not addictive. Helps repair brain tissue. Intake before bed with Mg and vitamin B12.
  17. ALA: Helps repair damaged neurons and neurotransmitters. Also helps mend the myelin nerve sheath. Boosts the liver’s ability to store and release glucose. Antioxidant that repairs and fortifies the areas of the nervous system that have been damaged by the shingles virus.

I am not saying you should follow this list. This is just an example what you might need if you have any health issues. Consult with e.g. functional medicine doctor or nutritionist first before taking any supplements.

I also suggest to watch the That Vitamin Movie at FMTV, requires registration 10€ per month.

Take good care of your health – Your health is your wealth!

Do you have any thoughts about this post?

Health, Love & Peace ♡


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