HEAL – You have the power to heal!

HEAL documentary

Healing is not only taking prescription drugs for the disease even though this is conventional medicine´s way to heal people.

There are many levels of healing. You need healing in all these levels not only in the physical body  healing.

  1. Physical body healing
  2. Electromagnetic body healing
  3. Mental body healing
  4. Spirit body healing

There are many holistic healing techniques to mention few of them;

  • nutrition
  • diet
  • supplements
  • EFT
  • reiki, energy healing
  • accupuncture
  • hypnotherapy
  • meditation
  • shamanism
  • sound healing

The body is meant to heal itself. This is hard to believe but when you have heard lots of survival stories you believe it. Ofcourse there will be always skeptics who believe only in science. I have used all of these techniques to heal myself from difficult dis-ease. Everything starts with the mind.

You have the power to heal!

I just watched the HEAL documentary, and I suggest everyone to watch this. You can rent it for 4,99 USD or purchase it for 14,99 USD HEAL documentary. In this document Eva patient is an example that you need healing in all these body levels not only in physical body level.

Health, Love & Peace ♡



You find me on Instagram @peacefulhealthwarrior, focused more on food.

Cover photo: Healdocumentary.com

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