Goodbye 2017 and Welcome 2018

It is the last day of the year 2017 at here Northern Hemisphere (Northern Europe). It´s time to look back and see how was the year and what were the challenges. I don´t make any new year resolutions prefer plans with goals which take me to the closer to my soul purpose.

What I want to give you are these followings tips for the next year since major shift is going to happen:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Concentrate on staying healthy
  3. Meditation
  4. Re-evalute your beliefs
  5. Pay attention to your intuition
  6. Accept the change

I have been on holiday few days and focused on my physical, mental and spiritual health. Did few days body and social media detox, read books, watched documents, outdoor, meditation and solfeggio healing. Physical body is your vehicle on your journey on this planet but you need to feed your soul too. You are the soul.

Thank you everyone and each of you for this year! I am grateful for this year and all those challenges that I have faced, they were given to me to grow on my journey. My journey continues with new challenges and changes.

Challenge is a best teacher.

Wish you all Health, Love & Light for the year 2018 ♡


You find me on Instagram @peacefulhealthwarrior, focused more on food.

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